To all of the founders, pioneers, and wayfinders,  
the focused daydreamers and stargazing doers,
you do-or-diers, you lit lanterns
burning on what could be,
you passionistas and provocateurs,
priests of purpose and prophets of a better future
rabble rousers restless at night,
bright minds dancing with possibilities like candles,
To the early risers and midnight oilers,
lightning rods and scallywags, 
scared but not scared enough to stop,
proactivists, part Rosa Parks and part Prometheus,
bringing a fire, product, venture, brand
your tribe will love, crave, celebrate,
even if they don’t know it yet,
we get you. And we’ve got your back.

Talk to us about your crazy vision, and we’ll listen.

Balernum is a branding studio for passionate founders with a cause.
We build brands that move people toward hope, curiosity, mastery, and adventure.

Life’s too short to waste the one you got.


Helping passionate founders build authentic brands.

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