Building a real brand
isn’t magic.

It takes heart and smarts, hard work and proven principles.


Lots of branding studios can help you look good.
We’d like to help you matter too.

Maybe you’re a Musk-like provocateur pushing relentlessly into new frontiers. Maybe you’re the next Sara Blakely ready to give the world the Spanx it needs. As long as you’re gutsy and determined, we’d be delighted to demystify branding and guide you along a clearly defined path.

Here's what making smart, strategic investments in your brand looks like…



Better brands start with better questions.

We take the time to fully understand your business, customers, and goals. We research the other players in your market and interview the people you’re trying to serve. We learn the way you create value and isolate your brand DNA.

Alignment Meeting, Brand Foundation, Workshop, Marketing & Content Audit, Market Research, Stakeholder Interviews, Opportunity & Competitive Analysis, Design Research, Customer Interviews


02. PLAN

Better brands start with better process.

Together, we define your best opportunities, initial offerings, and go-to-market strategy. We then crystallize your brand foundation, strategy, and messaging. This foundation will support your brand identity, touchpoints, and experience.

Roadmapping & Strategic Planning, Go-to-Market Strategy, Brand Foundation, Brand Strategy, Production Planning



Better brands start with better craftsmanship.

We guide you through Balernum’s visual and verbal identity process. Once we finalize your logo, color palette, typography, photography, and copy and content, we create the key brand touchpoints that you need to launch.

Visual & Verbal Identity, Graphic Design, Print Collateral & Packaging, Digital Design, Video Production, Content Strategy & Production, Photography, Environmental Design, UI/UX Design, Website Design, Website Development


04. GROW

Better brands start with better experiments.

Together, we set goals and pick early strategies and tactics to test. We help you design marketing experiments. We learn from failed experiments and scale up successful ones. We strive not for perfect but for less wrong.

Rollout Strategy, Customer Experience Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Implementation (aka, doing the actual work)

Balernum_0002 1
Group 1

Balernum is not a
full-service agency.
And we like it that way.

Most full-service agencies are not positioned well to work with bootstrapped startups and scrappy founders. Their large teams come with high overhead and require large budgets and long timelines. They’re a better fit for companies and brands that can afford to move slowly. Our studio prefers to stay small and nimble. When the need arises, we augment our SWAT team with one of our on-call specialists. Oh, and we need you, Mr. or Ms. Founder, to be in the trenches with us. Together, we will tell better stories and form deeper connections. We’ll start with an authentic brand and end with satisfied customers.


Helping passionate founders build authentic brands.

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